Be The Change
By Admin 3/23/2017 4:57 AM Comments

On 1/1/17, a mysterious donor gave $8760 to $8784. So, we've been trying to think of ways to SPEND it wisely, daily. What would you do if it was YOU?

The only RULE included was that we must SPEND it all by 12/31/17. Where should we go? What should we see? Should we use it to create change? Or should we just go on a spending spree?

We want your HONEST answer below.

The truth is, on 1/1/17, you also received $8760. Without the $ sign you'd be left with 8760. That translates to how many hours we have a year to make decisions that can impact our lives, our community, or the world.

John F. Kennedy stated, “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Our question to you is:
1.How will you BE THE CHANGE?
2.How will you impact YOUR life, community, or the world?

A negative attitude and a flat tire never took anyone anywhere. While writing this, we had 6817 hours left to create some CHANGE. If you should receive another 8760 to 8784 in the future…SPEND IT WISELY!

Thank you for your time, now go out and be a CHANGEMAKER!

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